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gonna spread myself around

I saw what may just be the ULTIMATE used maxi single-in-bin recently: Madonna -- "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" !!!

i'm still pretty mad at A-yo Scott for not letting 100 fake-Marxist dogs rip apart Marie Antoinette...every man has hi$ price!

John Reis

Well played, governor. I agree re: Marie. I feel like he was accidentally reviewing the Gang of Four Entertainment maxi-single and maybe the internet trailer of the movie instead of the movie itself.

I'm about to bury myself in a CMYK blanket of crude future's background color. G'night!

Lost in Translation was racist drek

But first...

speaking of Marie Antoinette- - did you know that in the film all the champagne they drank was actually pure sofia mini??? Just kidding but when I found out about the existence of sofia mini I... felt... deeply cynical. Someone angrier than me should deconstruct the existence of sofia mini in a mean way. bonus pts if you use a Francis Ford:Wine::Sofia:Champagne analogy.


Maxine Kong HINGSTON?

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