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Drunk Hobo Ghost

omg this is hilarious.

Forever 21

wait, I've got it...it's the pen that's for McCain right? The student owns the pen.


As of this morning, the apostrophe is gone!

Thanks to Drunk Hobo Ghost and everyone else who helped spread the new's this week. It's everywhere now.

Drunk Hobo Ghost

Please tell me you ordered some. Please.

You were the one who discovered it. I wish you would have got the props on dailykos for that. You made history. You did it. YES WE CAN!

Next time you have something fantastical like that, write up some big fancy article, make a funny graphic, and crudefutures is for certain to get all the glory.


Oh well. I just signed up for a DailyKOS thing -- in an attempt to tell them to direct their eyes over here -- but there's a 24-hour waiting period.

It seems like there's no way (at all) to comment on anything over there unless you're a member??

Rob Seay

check out the McCain pen at www.FrederickPens.com


Whoa. Hi Rob Seay. Thanks for advertising your $399 wooden "John McCain Tribute pens" in the comments section of Crude Futures.

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