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Scabby McLeland hates the Congress of Industrial Workers

I have scheduled Arnold to give a talk at an old, quaint rundown hotel in Miami. People are supposed to come looking like themselves but at another age. Many of the men come trying to look younger. One of the women [prob. ruth bader ginsberg - ed.] who comes has a moustache but it is real, not fake. As the people wait around for Arnold to arrive, they gather in seats in a tight group around a bunch of men who are playing poker with very small cards. Everyone is in clothes from the 30s and 40s. John Goodman as Babe Ruth is in the center of the card players. The group is definitely segregated by sex, women in the foreground/left, and the men on the other side of the Babe.

I am anxious because Arnold is late. I decide to go to another location to see if Arnold is there. I am reluctant to go because I don’t want to miss his arrival. As I walk slowly away Arnold’s limo pulls up. Only about 3 or 4 women see him and come asking for autographs. He runs away to the building for which he has a set of keys. He gets into the building and I follow. He does not say anything to me or look back but I know he knows I am there and he does not object. He walks around the building quickly, checking the security, making sure the glass in the windows is bulletproof. We wonder what will happen when they sell this beach house.

I say that I have worked at both of his appearances here and that it is a good place. We are in an old-fashioned lecture hall, lots of wood, almost like the old gym in a small school. Eventually he turns around and I introduce myself but I fumble with my own last name. He somehow acknowledges me and I say, “You recognize me?” but he denies it. I tell him about the book as we duck down a narrow flight of stairs. We stop in the narrow staircase to talk, ducking our heads. He asks me about this vendetta we have. I say it is not a vendetta, we are writing a book that is not a biography. It is a book about his influence on the culture.

He laughs and warns me about doing this. Be careful, he says, or you will never be given the correct phone numbers . He demonstrates the frustration of giving someone the wrong phone number by using a cellular phone. All this is still taking place in the tight narrow staircase going down to the basement. He explains something about the phone numbers and says, “POOF!!”, the sound of someone disappearing [probably ann coulter -ed].

arbitrary paragraphizing mine.

Supayu Hantaru

One soundtrack for this delightful post.


Re: Prop75
Are you for or against the Union, man? If you're against the Union, then you're for the Company. You don't want to be for the Company, do you? Fuck the Company.


I miss voting in these. Um. I would strongly urge you to reconsider your vote supporting "stronger" tests of teacher "competence" as I have seen them be very counterproductive to retaining young teachers who are very qualified. ERRR I promise I don't mean myself, I just think the more top down hard and fast rules they make about this stuff, the worse it gets. School administrators are far more calcified than teachers and therefore I trust their judgement much less.

They shouldn't force-justify a gee dee thing. It's supposed to be a fair and balanced pamphlet.


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