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ms. peach

mcM- thank you for soliciting my bookmark assignment!
"Reading: it's what's after dinner"
"Reading isn't just a town in PA and MI, it's also a town in OH"
"Hello. You have come to the page where this book's previous owner decided to give up."
"peyton manning reads defenses"

Brainstorm sesh:
"Tastier than fried Nick'"
"If you're going to watch t.v. instead, at least let it be Pete&Pete"
"This book is nothing but thousands of strategically placed words."
"Reading: Get a taste of what HomeSchool is like"
"Remember: Library books carry germs. Read, but then wash your hands. I mean, don't get too paranoid about it or anything, but, I mean, I'd just recommend you wash your hands. Because some other kid read this book and sneezed all over it. Or maybe your Mom has some of that anti-bacterial hand gel. That'll do the job, although if your hands are sticky at all, it won't help. Usually, if a library book is terribly sticky, the librarian will replace it. It is part of his or her job."
"Did you know that Melvil Dewey was a womanizer?"

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