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steev "Peer Editing" vee

the Walter Jacobsn entry is really funny. he *is not* a Native Indian.

i have hilarious memories of him "going undercover" as a homeless person!:

MEAN STREET DIARY (1991): This six-part report chronicled the 48 hours a bearded, heavily made-up Walter Jacobson spent impersonating a homeless man. Viewers watched wealthy WBBM-TV/Channel 2 anchor try his hand at panhandling, loitering and longing for gyros he couldn’t afford.


As of a few days ago, that IP address is banned from Wikipedia

(When they ban you does that mean you can't even visit/read the site?)


All the stuff in this post is true, by the way.


wow. it is true. and i thought it was elaborate fiction. how did you find this exactly?

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