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Ben Stiller

"Du-Du-DaNGer lurks behind you
there's a stranger out to find you
what to do? just scramble up some

p.s. is your cuttlefish snack , I mean movie in Sepia?

Jerry Stiller

Ben I don't know why that image file was called "sepia." The movie will be in washed out, digital color. I had access to HBO last night, pretty fun

Quinlin Dempsey


Generic name for cuttlefish is Sepia as in S. officianalis (common cuttlefish). Sepia ink (i.e. cuttlefish secretions) were sometimes added to the silver solution in photography as a stabilizer. These prints proved extremely durable and many have survived creating the impression that the western portion of the united states was, in fact, generally sepia-toned from the years of 1846 to 1877 (death of Crazy Horse). Photoshop harvests approximately 77,000 cuttlefish yearly, to use their internal shell as a calcium supplement for the Budgie factory farms.

Hope you get help!


You are a genius

freezer treet



Liz I know you meant you "plural"



thanks liz way 2 be. i am ass-liepe

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