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holy fuck

you saw a dutch guy get sweaty? holy shit. when is this blog going to die for lack of anything interesting to say?

dear holy fuck,

i think the idea of an inspirational bad guy dispensing heartwarming advice as he strangles you is pretty interesting.

dear holy fuck,


dear holy fuck,

it is rumored that the best steak in NYC is at a strip club!

holy fuck

holy guck!! i'm officially rooting for mexico, then anyone from africa after that. i kinda liked the czechs today also


I didn't fully get the inspirational bad guy until just now. It's useful to urge yourself to think.


...like a local business leader's daughter?


My trinidadian labmate bitches all the time when it's more than 85 degrees here. Which it is, almost always. Steve can you give more concrete tips on how to get excited about futbol? I want to give it a try.

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