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Curly Comedy

CSI Miami has a new excuse to find half-naked victims!


that is, indeed, a pants life jacket!


It's more of a pants life preserver, isn't it?

Tips & Tricks for Junior Detectives is an English translation of Das Geheimbuch fur Juniordetektive, a kids' book published in Austria in 1994.

Where has the poor fellow's shirt gone?


I've done this and it works. We had to jump off the high dive in a flannel shirt and jeans for my junior lifeguarding class. The hardest part was getting the pants off because they get really heavy really fast.


How long do you think the pants will hold the air? "For awhile, at least" sounds ominous.

Is there unexpected lifesaving potential in a shirt, too?


You just have to keep that whole waistline shut/facing down. The minute you let it out you're done. Also if it's like... twill instead of jeans, probably you get some deflating pretty quick. Maybe I need to wear vinyl pants if I go on a boat.

A shirt works too, although a collared/button shirt obviously has problems.

Basically if you go near water and they don't provide a vest, you should bring along a long thick cotton turtleneck and some leather pants I think. Bon voyage!


Upon second review, this method leaves an ample amount of time to drown. Take pants off IN the water? How when I'm flailing? How do you stay afloat while swinging wet laundry over your head?

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