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Drunk Hobo Ghost


Drunk Hobo Ghost

wow you didn't even notice your gift. :(



Dear Drunk Hobo Ghost,

Thank you!

I just drew this drawing of you.

Early this morning I brought my computer to Katie, who was still in bed, to show her how you registered "ruckthevote.com" and directed it to this blogpost.

I've gone to "ruckthevote.com" about 13 times so far. More visits are in my future.

Drunk Hobo Ghost

Dear editor of Crudefutures,

Thank you for the drawing. You're better than Apelad!

It has its own page now, and there's a link here at the bottom to this page.

I was thinking that "rick" the vote would be fun, educational, motivational, cliched, and "interesting". If only we could contact Rick Astley. Do you think Mr. Ruck knows him? "Ricking" the vote be like telling someone there's a really cool author speaking at the local library, convincing them to go see her speak, and then tricking them into voting because, "Okay okay. Hey I lied to you about the author but you're already here."

Plus the "i" is next to the "o" on the keyboard. Even more tricks.

fantasy weather league

Dear Crudefutures,

I have spent a week trying to believe that Alan Ruck actually wrote this letter to you.
Mission accomplished.


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